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Bad Day for the Home Team – Ch. 1 (final installment)

Icon Written by Alex on August 16, 2010 – 11:38 am

A woman off to the side noticed the shooter’s face. She saw that his eyes were absolutely huge.

“Hot bullets,” he said to no one in particular.

He stopped at a table and poured a Pepsi on the top of the gun, and on his hand. He stopped firing and watched a man behind the wheel of a car in the parking lot. The man’s hand slipped along the gearshift as he put it in reverse.

He was horrified, looking into the restaurant, but he was still a careful driver: He checked his mirrors before he backed up.

He was sure to call someone. They would come soon.

The shooter adjusted his grip on the gun. The woman watched his knuckles carefully. She saw them turn from white to red when he relaxed his hands. She saw them tense and go white again and held her breath.

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Bad Day for the Home Team – Ch. 1 (third installment)

Icon Written by Alex on August 14, 2010 – 9:32 am

“No one’s back there,” the kid said in a twisted yell once he came back from the kitchen. He was still holding his ear. “Can I go now? I’d like to go. Now. I’ll just…”

And he left.

The first guy who was shot was still hitting the floor with his hand. It was soft as a whisper. Slap, slap, slap.

The guy with the gun looked out a window with the blinds up. The sunny day continued. The cars passed on Fry Boulevard. The tires made that sizzling sound.

“Do something,” said a woman in the corner to her boyfriend. “Do something,

Jerry. Look at him.”

She wanted him to be a hero. That was a mistake.

Jerry got up and made it only three steps before he was shot in the chest. A smattering of goo hit against the window with a splat. Behind the balls of blood, the shooter saw a man in the parking lot get out of his car. He saw him look at the restaurant window.

“I got to do it,” the shooter said.

He braced the gun against his shoulder and kept it low while he walked and fired. People scattered, and a few hit the ground. One man with blond hair and a chain that held his wallet to his belt loop crouched behind the dead woman in the yellow sundress and called for his mother.

The shooter straight-line walked and shot on automatic. It looked very easy.

The clip emptied. He reloaded and continued until he was about five feet from the wall.

“Oh, damn,” he said, like he’d forgotten to mail something.

He turned around to face the other group of people and shot a college-aged girl as she ran for the door. She wore a T-shirt, bathing suit bottom and flip-flops; when she fell, the flip-flops slapped against her heel one last time and that was it.

People dove under tables. They kicked and hurled their bodies into tight places. The scratched along the Mexican tiled floor. It was very fast. Everyone moved very fast.

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Bad Day for the Home Team – Ch. 1 (First installment)

Icon Written by Alex on August 12, 2010 – 10:06 am

It just went off, like, oops. The first shot hit solid and sent a guy cutting pizza for his son back into a wall.

“Wow,” the shooter said. “I’m sorry.”

He apologized in the same tone a mother uses when she tells her child the hamster died.

“What was that?” someone said. “What the hell?”


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