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Icon Written by Alex on March 10, 2014 – 11:12 am

I’ve been busy lately. Not here (sorry sorry sorry), but in other places. I am a good ways through my novel, The End of Celebrity, and grinding on it almost every day. Additionally, I applied for the Amtrak Residency program. It’s up to five days on a train to do nothing but ride and write. […]

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From A Sweet Life: An Attempt To Cure Type 1 Diabetes

Icon Written by Alex on March 6, 2013 – 1:36 pm

As published on An Attempt to Cure Type 1 Diabetes Alex O’Meara | March 05, 2013 I got diabetes twice. Once when I was 11, and the second time when I was 42. It took the second time to show me all that I’d learned from it the first time around. When I was […]

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Books About Diabetes at

Icon Written by Alex on January 29, 2013 – 6:04 pm

I just posted a blog about two of the best writers who write about diabetes: June Biermann and Barbara Toohey. I highly recommend any books by these authors, especially The Peripatetic Diabetic and The Diabetes Sports and Exercise Book. And, as a diabetic writer writing about writers who write about diabetes, you should trust me […]

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A Sweet Life Blog

Icon Written by Alex on September 19, 2012 – 11:40 am

I began blogging for the website yesterday. The initial blog is biographical but in the near future I will be posting about topics as disparate as the Olympics and big pharma. Jessica Apple and the staff at are fantastic, as is the website for information about diabetes, and I’m looking forward to writing […]