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Can Drinkers Lose Weight?

Can Drinkers Lose Weight?Can Drinkers Lose Weight?


Drinking is not considered an effective way to lose weight. Alcohol packs a hefty number of empty calories. Alcohol is metabolized in the body differently than food and is traditionally thought to contribute to weight gain. Although drinking won’t help you shed pounds, recent research indicates that consuming alcohol may actually prevent long-term weight gain, provided it’s consumed in moderation.


Alcoholic drinks pack a lot of calories and few nutrients. One beer has 150 calories. Mixed drinks are even more calorie laden. 100 proof alcohol has about 80 calories per oz. Mixers contain additional calories; 8 oz. of cola has 100 calories, and 8 oz. of orange juice has 111 calories. Having three mixed drinks, such as rum and cola or vodka and orange juice, per day contributes more than 25 percent of all your calories on a standard 2,000 calorie-a-day diet.


The digestive system typically takes its time extracting energy in the form of calories from the proteins, carbohydrates and fats you consume. Alcohol is absorbed almost immediately through the stomach. Likewise, the caloric content of alcohol is absorbed directly and does not go through the same process as food of being digested and converted into glucose for immediate energy and into fat for energy later on. The calories in alcohol are almost immediately absorbed into the body as fat.

Skipping Meals

Skipping a few meals to make room for the empty calories of cocktails is not a solution to staying lean. Drinking on an empty stomach contributes to getting drunk faster, a lowering of inhibitions and further drinking and snacking. If you’re at a bar, you will probably only have snack foods available.

No Loss, Less Gain

A Boston hospital asked 20,000 women about their drinking habits in the last 13 years and correlated those habits with weight gain and loss. The results were that women who drank 4 oz. of wine per day (i.e., a single glass of wine) tended to gain less weight than women who drank no alcohol at all.

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