Cure Talk Review of Medical Miracles
This is my site Written by Alex on March 3, 2011 – 12:29 pm   

Stumbled across a new and ongoing review of Chasing Medical Miracles today. The review is on a site called Cure Talk.

The site is owned by a company called TrialX, which, apparently, is less scary than it sounds. The statement of their purpose on their site says:” TrialX is developed by Applied Informatics Inc., a New York based company with extensive experience in the areas of Health Information Technology, Computer Science, Medicine and Clinical Research. Besides the qualifications, our team has balanced bold thinking and new ideas with real-world challenges in the healthcare industry.”

Their site is worth a look, as are their tweets. TrialX is at the forefront of a new model for marketing trials – which is good or bad, depending on your point of view of such things. They are a company that uses Twitter to reach out to deliver information about trials to people who may wish to enroll. They have integrated with Google Health and Microsoft’s HealthVault in order broaden their patient reach – and also to have a massive database of individuals they can market to.

This is another example of how the big business of clinical trials keeps getting bigger and bigger every day.

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  1. Hi Alex! Thanks for recognizing our book review. I am really enjoying reading it so far and have written a few more blogs about various topics you raised, this one about the bigness of the industry ( I think more books breaking down and explaining clinical research in plain English are desperately needed. This industry is so far removed from the people that will eventually consume the new medicine or devices that anything we can do, I believe, is appreciated. Thanks again!

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