Bad Day for the Home Team – Ch. 1 (second installment)
This is my site Written by Alex on August 13, 2010 – 8:33 am   

A kid in a corduroy baseball cap looked at him. He held his right ear and just stood there with his mouth open. At first he didn’t move to protect anyone, not even himself. Then he turned to get out of there and tell someone about it.

“Don’t leave.” the shooter told him.

He resumed firing. Shell casings dropped to the floor with hollow clinks.

“Don’t,” he said.

More people fell. Some staggered forward from the impact then fell. Others just sank. It was crazy. The shooter walked a few steps. He looked like his legs had gone to sleep and he wanted to wake them up.

“God, I’m sweating,” he said.

He ran for the door to get in front of it, to block it.

“No, he said. “Okay. Okay.”

He put his arm around the shoulder of the kid who had held his ear.

“Go and sit down now,” he said to him gently. “Everybody listen. I want everybody to just listen.”

Everybody huddled in two groups in the corners about twenty feet away.

They moved chairs in front of them and held on to table legs for protection. One woman said “Hail, Mary.” Another said, “Mike, wake up.”

“It’s all right now,” the shooter assured them.

No one believed him.

He’d always had trouble talking in front of groups. He preferred the one-on-one.

“Is there anyone in the back there?” he asked the kid in the baseball cap. “Go check. Go. You.”

It took the young man three tries to open the swinging half-door to the kitchen.

“Pull it. Try pulling it. That’s the stuff. Good.”

There was heavy breathing. Everything in the room was becoming less fuzzy. Strangers looked at one another to confirm that what was happening was really happening. The two clumps of people huddled closer tighter together and looked at the gun. They didn’t look at him; he was obscured by the greater reality of the gun. He looked like he didn’t know what to do. He just stood there.

“He’s alive,” someone screamed.

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