In the U.S. do we only know how to give money?
This is my site Written by Alex on May 11, 2010 – 1:24 pm   

I traveled to Uganda as part of my research for Chasing Medical Miracles. I had no idea what to expect when I got there. What I found was people who were kind, patient, strong, capable, intelligent and, more than anything else – and at the risk of sounding sing-songy – beautiful. ¬†They are also increasingly dying. That ¬†AIDS is devastating the country and all of Africa is not news. That U.S. funding for treatment and drug cocktails to extend life is slipping because of the economic crisis is news and, as this article in the today’s New York Times makes painfully clear, it is disturbing. It signals that in the United States our involvement in many causes is only financial, that it goes only so far as our check books. Is there more that we can donate than cash? Our expertise? Our presence to help those dying to help their families continue, to help prevent increased outbreaks? Are we only a nation of money givers or are we a nation of people who care so much that we will extend ourselves to the point of inconvenience to help others? The answer to that troubles me.

Dinavance Kamukama, 28, front right, with her cousins in Kampala, Uganda. She is on a waiting list for AIDS medication.

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