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Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

Icon Written by Alex on May 27, 2010 – 10:10 am

This is a book that motivates action, causes me to rethink the basics of running, and is worth reading twice for the info.

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Fascinating story about Chaim Grade’s work and legacy (New York Times)

Icon Written by Alex on May 18, 2010 – 9:17 am

Fascinating story in NYT… “Chaim Grade was the other great postwar Yiddish writer, the one few people outside of scholarly circles have ever heard of. And for that, some people blame his widow.”

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Kids and Oncology Trials

Icon Written by Alex on May 14, 2010 – 12:13 pm

Kids often don’t understand enough about clinical trials and that can impact how many kids take part in trials.

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In the U.S. do we only know how to give money?

Icon Written by Alex on May 11, 2010 – 1:24 pm

Are we only a nation of money givers or are we a nation of people who care so much that we will extend ourselves to the point of inconvenience to help others

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Paperback of Chasing Medical Miracles due May 25; first novel out in August

Icon Written by Alex on May 9, 2010 – 5:11 pm

The paperback of Chasing Medical Miracles is due out on May 25. There is a newly written foreword about swine flu and the clinical trials process for that. I will excerpt that foreword on this site this week and in the days leading up to the release of the paperback.

Also in August my first novel, Bad Day for the Home Team, will be released by Zumaya Books. The book is about how a very average man in Sierra Vista, Arizona walks into a pizza place, shoots and kills 30 people, then kills himself. He comes back as a ghost and tries to figure out why he did what he did while a cop, his brother, and a reporter try to also unravel the mystery of “Why he done it?”

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