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American Scientist Reviews Three Clinical Trials Books, including Medical Miracles

Icon Written by Alex on December 14, 2009 – 5:58 pm

Review of Medical Miracles in American Scientist magazine says, in part, “…The two books already discussed, which are soberly academic in tone, were written by scholars pursuing broad explanatory themes and universal ethical principles. Alex O’Meara’s Chasing Medical Miracles, the first-person account of a clinical-trial subject, is almost breezy in comparison—the book is a page-turner…”

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IDs and Tighter Trials Registration for Subjects in India

Icon Written by Alex on December 5, 2009 – 1:51 pm

The government in India is considering a system by which subjects enrolled in clinical trials would be assigned biometric identification. The move is designed to cut down on abuses and ensure the data coming out of the decade-old clinical trials industry in India is accurate. It should also help make trials safer for the subjects. A biometric ID is akin to an iris scan or fingerprint and is next to impossible to fake. The idea is a compelling one for a country that is also making registration of CROs and clinical trials mandatory. Perhaps other developing countries seeking to build a credible clinical trials industry will follow this lead and take similar steps.

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