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Fired Dr. Stratton Blows Whistle on Carle & a Common Practice

Icon Written by Alex on October 23, 2009 – 2:51 pm

…On pages 49-51 of Chasing Medical Miracles I wrote, “Therapeutic misconception is also a significant issue and is thoroughly built in to how trials function today.” Things don’t get much clearer than that. I only hope that now, with this story about Dr. Stratton in the New York Times today, pehaps people with the power to change this deplorable practice in research will start to listen and change things…

Media Bias Toward Trials

Icon Written by Alex on October 22, 2009 – 9:58 am

A story headlined “Cutting-edge therapy is one reason why many participate in clinical trials” in the Indianapolis Star by Barb Berggoetz about why people enroll in clinical trials is indicative of an overall bias on behalf of the media toward encouraging participation in trials. Most stories about trials stress the positive outcomes. Some are so blatant as to almost seem like a public service announcement for the institution or business conducting the trial. The articles, like the one below, always mention risks. But, like I wrote in Chasing Medical Miracles about my own experience becoming aware of the real risks of any trial: “The trial up until now had been like taking a trip to Disney World. Before your plane takes off they tell you in detail what to do if it becomes a fireball of screaming death and dives nose first into the ground. But you don’t hear that part. You’re too busy thinking about shaking hands with Goofy.”