AIDS/HIV Vaccine Breakthrough Announced
This is my site Written by Alex on September 24, 2009 – 10:16 am   

Amazing. Truly amazing. The news today is that an AIDS vaccine has shown remarkable progress in clinical trials in Thailand. (Read AP story here.) There have been more than 100 AIDS vaccine trials in the last 20 years and none of them have gotten close to showing the kind of promise this one is showing. However, as we all know, it is only promise – not a cure or preventative. Much can go wrong. As one scientist soberly said about the findings of the trial: Now the work begins.

Having travelled to and spent time in eastern Africa to research Chasing Medical Miracles, I cannon overstate the thorough and heart-wrenching devastation left by AIDS/HIV in poorer countries. There is also a measure of shame to be shared by developed countries in the way we have relentlessly pursued cures and vaccine trials in Africa and other underdeveloped nations. While TB and malaria have throughout history and today killed and harmed more people Africa than has AIDS/HIV, trials to treat and cure those conditions are much more rare than for AIDS/HIV. The reason? TB and malaria and rare in western countries so there is no motivation to conduct trials for drugs for which there is no market. If AIDS/HIV were not prevalent in the western, developed world, you can bet few trials to seek a vaccine or cure would be taking place in the under developed world.

In other recent news… one reports says there have been no serious side effects in trials on an H1H1 vaccine while a German man (in a story on a site that is not as reputable as say, the New York Times but is worthwhile to have a quick look at) claims the experimental H1N1 vaccine dose made him seriously sick. Hmmm … clinical trials registries, which are now mandatory, rarely report results from trials, which kind of misses the point of the entire idea, huh? … ¬†and the FDA gives the go ahead to stem cell trial to treat Lou Gehrig’s disease, a positive and potentially groundbreaking decision on moving ahead with an entirely new category of treatments and cures for hundreds of debilitating conditions.

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