New York Times & Parade Champion Clinical Trials
This is my site Written by Alex on August 3, 2009 – 8:03 am   

The New York Times has a story about cancer trials that subtly urges patients to enroll as subjects. There is also a sidebar about how to make the decision to enroll. All in all, a pro-trials approach, which is becoming all too common in most media coverage of trials at the same time that corporate interests assert themselves … Also, a story from a recent Parade magazine urging people to, you guessed, it, enroll in trials. This one is done is such a strenuously blatantly fashion that the subhead is: “Sometimes it take an experiment to make you well.”

Forty Years’ War Lack of Study Participants Said to Hobble Fight … New York Times – Of course, there have been highly successful clinical trials — studies of drugs like Gleevec for chronic myelogenous leukemia and estrogen-blocking therapy … See all stories on this topic

For Patients: Questions to Ask About a Clinical Trial – New York Times – Most who enroll in clinical trials say they want to help themselves and others. But how can patients decide that a trial is worth … See all stories on this topic

Sometimes it Takes an Experiment to Make You Well: Are Clinical Trials Safe – Parade – June B. has a big decision to make. She sits across from me, deep in thought. I’ve just offered her the chance to enroll in a clinical trial of a new treatment. I know the decision will not be easy.

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