Starred Review from Booklist
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This is very cool! Chasing Medical Miracles is given a enthusiastic, informed, and starred review by Booklist (published by the American Library Association) in their June 1 issue:

“When O’Meara was presented with an opportunity to participate in a clinical trial—which may or may not have cured his type-1 diabetes—he embarked on a quest to slake his journalist’s curiosity. More than merely chronicling his own personal experience, however, he sweeps through the entire industry of clinical trials to amass a compendium of available knowledge. Despite a checkered history, the $24-million-perannum clinical-trials industry enjoys very little coordinated oversight and generally manages to escape scrutiny by most media. Not that it needs it, but a little more oversight would be nice, O’Meara insists as he manages to successfully straddle a narrow line between endorsing and condemning clinical trials. After briefly surveying some genuine clinical-trial disasters (in Nazi Germany, the Tuskegee syphilis study, etc.), he explains how legislation has improved practices and how clinical trials are now conducted, here and abroad. Any time money stands to be made, whether by pharmaceutical companies or trial participants, strict oversight is well warranted, it seems. The concluding and most valuable chapter contains a checklist for potential participants to consult before signing a clinical-trial consent form. Must reading for anyone considering participating in a clinical trial, whether to test treatment for an illness they have been diagnosed with or not.”

Booklist (starred review)

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