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This is my site Written by Alex on January 17, 2009 – 7:30 pm   

One cannot live on news about clinical trials alone. One must make time to enjoy the stimulating worlds of art and culture. But where to start in this blogged-out, hyper-informationalized world? Start by going to


The site features insightful writing by an honest, wry, and insightful writer named Scott Timberg, formerly an arts reporter at the Los Angeles Times. His blog is a place to discover and uncover truly interesting and often overlooked books, movies, art, media, and other assorted cool cultural errata. Recent posts include one about the great undiscovered novel, a listen to the belated best records (he still calls them records! How cool is that?) of 2008, a look at a fascinating jazz photographer, and an unsentimental accounting of Richard Yates, the tragic author of the tragic novel, Revolutionary Road, which is now a movie.

It’s definitely a bookmark-worthy blog – even if it does detract you from being so slavishly devoted to every utterance posted on this blog.

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